Asian Bank & Capital Trust was established under

Statutory trust Department of the District of Columbia USA on November 2018.

With the intention of providing a secure and safe way for customers keep their assets or invest.


We intend to become a solid bridge globally – between how we do business today

and how we will do in the future. Predominantly through management and connection

with the companies in which we invest, mitigating risks for investors.


We will achieve our mission by improving and qualifying the structure and

processes of Companies and centralizing the management under our control.

Thus, we can reduce the risks of these companies and present them to our best investors.

With a constant repetition of this model of work, we can reach our greatest visions.


Finding new sources of investment for investors, at the same time, improve small and

medium-sized enterprises by professionalizing them, so that they can be seen as serious and

growth-oriented companies. Thereby, we can make investments and capitalization of these companies

so that they can grow, generate jobs, meet the demands of global growth and still improve the economic and

social perspective of people benefiting from these enterprises.


We will achieve our goals respecting, above all, the laws and regulations of each country.

We seek to work in a bold and enterprising way, but within all existing regulations.

We are always looking out for the wellbeing of our customers.